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Our Affiliates:

Abedin Solutions, LLC on it's own is very much a boutique IT firm, born out of necessity to protect the rights of it's highly skilled members as well as retaining the old school customer satisfaction.  Though the company was formed not so long ago, we bring more than decades of expertise in each class.  Cumulatively, we have enough qualification and experience to go head to head with any big corporation without the messy bureaucracy scene.  Each customer gets our 100%.  We work with our affiliates to customize a solution that fits in your environment.  Our goal is to grow all together via mutual bonding.  Some of our affiliates and their field of specialty is given below:

Applied Informations Technology, Inc. (AIT) - "Specializes in the design, development and implementation of interactive database websites for the Internet, including website hosting. AIT has a core competency in relational database management systems (RDBMS) and IntraNet/Internet Web connectivity. DBA Management, UNIX Administration, and Database Website Training is also part of AIT's core competency."

Group A Systems - System engineering for critical applications in government and industry. Group A Systems has over 30 yrs of track record in contingency planning, LAN, WAN, security, design, disaster recovery in various government sectors.