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Services/Support: What Do We Do?
Our IT consulting service/support comprises two major factors along their own subcomponents:
  • Engineering and Infrastructure Support
    • Inter-networkingVPNs, Routers, Firewall, Switches etc. – from internet connectivity to virtual LANs inside, VPN tunnel
    • Systems – Windows (Active Directory) Infrastructure, Linux environments
    • Messaging and Collaboration Systems – MS Exchange, Mobile devices (Blackberry, Treos etc.)
    • Network and Systems Security – Preemptive, Proactive and Reactive detection and prevention systems
    • ERP and CRM System Deployment and Maintenance:
      • CRM – Siebel, Microsoft, SAP etc.
      • ERP – SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc.
    • Database Management (including disaster recovery) – Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase
    • Disaster Recovery Design and Implementation
  • General End-user (helpdesk) Support Service
    • On location end-user support (along with remote Tier 3-4 support)
    • Remote helpdesk (24/7).
What Would Abedin Solutions' Clients Experience:
  • Accurate Logbook & Timely Maintenance Along Routinely Backup
  • Optimum Performance
  • Smart Expansion
  • Early Trouble Detection & Disaster Prevention
  • Low Cost & Time Saving Resolution
  • Support For Clients Disregarding Their Physical Location
  • Security…Security.. Security..