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Hardware Reseller:
Abedin Solutions, LLC is an authorized reseller of computer hardware.  There are over 17,000 vendors we are allowed to deal with but to name a few: HP, Dell, EMC, Cisco, Acer, IBM, Panasonic are among highest in demand.  If you are looking for something, chances are we have it or we'll direct you where you could get it.  We can accommodate from individual home user to small-medium business up to large corporations.  Our price, you'd find are very competitive. 

Please feel free to contact us via contact form and let us know of your need.  One of our representatives would get back to you in earliest possible.  We have laptop, desktop, server, router, firewall specialists that will work with you and can recommended a product suitable for your business.

We deal with factory sealed brand new products.  Saying so lately we've been getting into buying back semi used computer products to meet the need of clients who might have a little tighter IT budget.  In IT business, we always recommend top of the line brand new products but if funding is an issue, you'd be impressed with the level of sacrifice we are willing to do.  You won't find that many companies providing warranty on used items almost the same as on new items.

Our customer satisfaction is something we take great pride in.  Returning clients keep our business going.