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Technology advances in respect to its complexity. Abedin Solutions is a global management consulting firm dedicated to creating innovative technical solutions to optimize information technology. With deep industry and business process expertise, broad global resources, and a proven track record, Abedin Solutions will collaborate with its client to mobilize the right people, skills and a full array of industry leading solutions to streamline and enable the business enterprises to perform and achieve even greater results.
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Services/Support: What do we do? 
Abedin Solutions stands strong in delivering Managed IT services to its clients.  We can provide a complete end-to-end solution
from in-house infrastructure build and support to providing hosted services with same optimal security and performance.  The
only object that would remain minimal is the client cost.
Where Managed IT services include remote and day to day support for router, firewall, VPN, network desigin, domain 
management, group policy, exchange messaging system, server & client side support, phone/PBX management; our hosted
services include hosted Exchange, SharePoint, BES, Office Communicator, Secure FTP running off our secure platform at
trusted data warehouse location, backed up daily and securely.  Your safety and high performance are our primal concern.
We are partnered with Microsoft, Cisco, LAN Sweeper, Simple Signal, Speakeasy, and other trusted vendors to resell
individual or volume licensing, hardware/software renewal, sell SIP trunks, setting up VOIP solutions.  We strive to be YOUR
In order to accommodate our client needs, we've ventured into software development, call center solutions.  Our global affiliates
established in US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh.  Although Abedin Solutions primarily dominates the IT industry, any business
trying to expand in Middle East territory, we can certainly help.  Our affiliates are licensed and credible enough to cover from 
energy industry to consumer affair.  Only requirement being product/service need to be proven optimal standards.  Abedin
Solutions relies its expansion via strategic alliance with partners based on loyalty and quality.
Good corporate governance is at the heart of what we stand for.